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I like books. You like books. We both browse at every bookstall we pass, and no matter how crowded our shelves, we'll always have more books coming into our libraries than going out. Here are some of mine that I wanted to show you.

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The Standard Question Book and Home Study Outlines

I’ve mentioned before that I’m fond of autodidactic books. Here’s another one that I’ve kept on my shelf for many years, just waiting for the day when I get a hankering to brush up on the reforms of the reign of George IV or the progress of literature in Egypt between 1500 and 1000 B.C.

I’ll have to prop this book next to my computer, though, with Google at the ready, because there are no answers in its pages; only questions. Originally it was designed as an adjunct to what must have been a formidable reference work, The Standard Dictionary of Facts. In the Googleless year of 1924, the autodidact would have found his answers by flipping through the pages of that volume. The question book is a slim, lightweight handful, but I picture the fact dictionary as its great-granddaddy, broad and thick and ponderous with knowledge.

To my surprise, I recently discovered that the entire text of the Standard Question Book may be found online for your guidance and enjoyment. No need to sit there admiring and coveting my little treasure; click on over and start googling along the path of erudition for yourself.


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